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What Is Sandblasting – How Effective Is It At Removing Paint?

By: Anglianblasting

Stripping or shaping a smooth surface off a foreign material can be very difficult. Specifically, getting a perfect finish on the corners, crannies and nooks is always challenging. It is for this reason that construction experts opt for sandblasting. What does it mean? How can be it used effectively to remove paint? Well, this article offers you all the insights.

What is sandblasting?

Also known as abrasive blasting, sandblasting involves spraying of a surface with small abrasive articles. While the operation is similar to sanding, it is different in that the interaction with the surface occurs at a very high speed.

It can be used in a range of settings including:

  • Preparation of surfaces before painting or coating it.
  • Removal of sand, paint and rust from fabricated surfaces.
  • Edge profiling of machine components.
  • Removal of mould from plastic materials.
  • Roughening of gas turbine engine in preparation for spray coating.
  • Surface texturing to alter the appearance of stamped materials.

The abrasive used is different depending on the surface treatment needed. Some of the common abrasives are:

  • Crushed glass.
  • Plastic.
  • Steel grit.
  • Ceramic grit.
  • Copper slag.
  • Glass bead.
  • Walnut shell.
  • Aluminium oxide

The abrasive used must be selected carefully. This is because they have different textures, shapes, and density. As such, they may not suit a specific purpose depending on these dynamics. Sampling is, therefore, an important part of the sandblasting process. Further, the equipment used for sandblasting is different. They range from:

  • Hand cabinets.
  • Robotic systems.
  • Dedicated automatic high production equipment.

Note that the type of equipment chosen depends on the surface treatment required.

Sandblasting can be categorized into:

  • Wet sandblasting.
  • Dry sandblasting.

Wet blasting is more common than dry blasting. It involves the use of high-powered stream of water mixed with abrasives. This makes the surface rough to ensure that repainting successfully achieved. Dry blasting, on the other hand, utilizes air as opposed to water. It is more dangerous than wet blasting and as such, the authorities must give permission for the method to be used. Indeed, they must confirm that the professionals have the skills on what is sandblasting used for.

Benefits of Sandblasting

As you try to answer the question on what is sand blasting, it is vital to consider its benefits. They include:


Whereas professionals are required to handle the task, it is not strenuous. All that they need to do is to lay a tarp underneath the surface, and remove the extra material using their equipment. Cleaning up is a straight forward process if the right procedures are followed. This means that you don’t have to waste days and weeks waiting for the completion of the paint removal process


Sandblasting can be used for a range of purposes. It can be used to remove pain, stripping pavements, polishing surfaces, removal of dirt. Still, it can be used in both the delicate and strong surfaces.

Perfect results

You are assured of getting the ideal outcomes after sandblasting.


In a time when environmentalists are advocating for elimination of pollution, sandblasting is a perfect solution. It is non-toxic because sand is used as opposed to materials that produce dust.

Effectiveness of Sandblasting In Removing Paint

It is difficult to remove paint in any surface. This is particularly true when you are dealing with surfaces that were painted a long time ago or that have more than two coats of paints. Regardless of how long you leave the chemical stripper, there is a chance that some of the paint will not come off. In any case, there are many restrictions on the use of the most effective strippers.

Accordingly, achieving perfect results after repainting a surface is difficult. It is under such circumstances that you should start to ask the question on what is a sandblaster.

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Sandblasting is the best way to remove paint from all surfaces. It is less laborious than other methods, yet allows you to achieve the results within a short time. The method is perfect when dealing with objects with nooks and crannies. It is almost impossible to do so when using the sanding method.

When removing paint from metal surfaces, sandblasting is good because grease, dust, rush and other coatings are completely eliminated. The oxidation from the steel is removed to the end that rust does not form quickly. It becomes easy to paint on the prepared surface. Otherwise, the paint may chip quickly and lead to unnecessary costs.

To get the best results in sandblasting, you must consider the following:

  • The surface. Some surfaces may not withstand the high pressure involved in the sandblasting process. It is important to engage a person with skills in the area so that they can make an evaluation and advice on the best way of stripping the paint. If they agree that sandblasting is the ideal way forward, they will also inform you on the techniques to use so that the surface is not damaged.
  • Alternatively, try to remove the paint in a part of a surface using sandblasting to determine whether damages will occur in the process. Hold the equipment closer to and further from the surface and evaluate the results.

Note that you must always cover or remove delicate surfaces before going through the sandblasting process. Still, avoid sandblasting in places where lead paint was utilized. Whereas lead was banned a few decades ago, it is possible that some of the coatings were applied before the ban.

Several surfaces can be sandblasted including:


This is necessary when commercial builders want to remove the painted parking lines. It can also be done in a residential setting.


Here, the brick is cleaned thoroughly to the end that it looks clean and new for a long time.

Cast iron

Paint can chip or peel off from cast iron railing materials. Sandblasting will help remove the paint and prepare the surface for repainting or other treatments of choice


It is not uncommon for the paint in a wooden surface to fade away. During such moments, you need to know what is a sandblaster because you will get perfect results in the ultimate.

Equipment used in sandblasting

Different equipments can be used including a nozzle, gun or hopper. You will make choices based on the surface being cleaned and your ability to handle the tasks. Typically, the equipment comprises of a hopper, air or water hose, and a special nozzle. Some of the equipment are extremely powerful, and thus suitable for surfaces that have several layers of paint. Smaller and less powerful may not remove the paint well and must be limited to easier tasks. Also, they tend to shut themselves automatically after a few minutes; this implies that you will take long to complete the tasks.

Sanding materials

When thinking about what is sandblasting, you must realize that the sand used is different. It must be fine, dry, and with a consistent mixture. Visit home improvement centres and other stores to get the right materials.


The fine dust emitted during the sandblasting process can be hazardous to breath. Cover your mouth and nose with a respirator to avoid health complications. Also, use tight goggles to protect your eyes. Furthermore, pets and animals must be kept away from the work area to avoid injuries.


While sandblasting is an easy and fast process, you still need to be patient enough to find out if all the paint has been removed.

Finding Help

It is clear at this point that sandblasting is an effective way of removing paint from different surfaces. Even so, you must engage the professionals so that they can test the surface, determine the right techniques, and utilize the equipments accordingly. While choosing the professionals, consider the following:

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It is clear at this point that sandblasting is an effective way of removing paint from different surfaces. Even so, you must engage the professionals so that they can test the surface, determine the right techniques, and utilize the equipments accordingly. While choosing the professionals, consider the following:

Certification and licensing

Always go for professionals who are aware of what is sandblasting and have, therefore, been awarded with the certificates and license to operate such a business.


Accidents are bound to happen during the sandblasting process. The experts must have insurance cover to compensate you or their workers accordingly.


Go for experts with a good reputation in your area. They are likely to offer quality service to maintain their brand’s image.


Companies with tons of experience are not only going to offer you quality sandblasting services, but they are also likely to offer you a good rate. This is because they have mastered the right techniques and invested in the necessary equipment.

You will easily find the ideal service providers by going through credible websites. In your search, there is a high possibility that you will come across Anglian Blasting Company. For over 25 years in sandblasting and blast clearing, the professionals have been satisfying clients in Essex and its environs with quality services. Efficiency is guaranteed, thanks to the presence of trained team and sophisticated equipment.

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