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Concrete cleaning services in essex

Sandblasting concrete is increasing in popularity in London to create the industrial look in various size commercial and residential properties. Removing  plaster from concrete area’s leaves them with a residue, we can blast clean these area’s to leave a uniformed finish. We can even blast deeper to expose the aggregate to leave an aesthetic finish. Please view our concrete gallery on our website for examples of our growing and constantly updating portfolio of our projects.

If you want your concrete returned to its original clean look or you need to apply a waterproof finish, concrete cleaning from Anglian Blasting could be just what you need. Our blast cleaning methods will clear away dirt, grime, organic matter, and anything else that could be keeping you from the finish you want. Whether you’re in London, Essex, Cambridge or the surrounding areas, let us take a look at your concrete and find the blasting method you need.

Concrete Cleaning Methods

We have the right equipment and abrasives to clean any concrete surface, from floors to walls to forecourts and whole rooms. We can clean away years of dirt and grime caused by general air pollution, as well as algae, bitumen and tar, and much more. We can restore it to its original finish. Your concrete can be sandblasted to clean or expose the aggregate, left as a finish that can give a professional, industrial look.

Bespoke Concrete Cleaning

Which Method and Abrasive we use all depend on your needs. Depending on the age, whether it’s soft or hard, and any levels of wear, weathering or damaging, concrete cleaning can involve the use of Different Abrasives. For that reason, we apply our over 35 years of experience in the industry to assess a sample area, carefully investigating and trying the methods we think will work best while doing minimal damage. when we find which method and abrasive works best we apply it to the whole area.

Why cleaning your concrete matters

There are plenty of reasons to ensure your concrete gets professionally blast cleaned. Most obvious of all is the aesthetic appeal of a natural aggregate finish. The years of dirt, grime, and other matter that can bake into your concrete can be very difficult for the average home or business owner to effectively or efficiently clean. What’s more, if you are preparing your concrete for tanking in order to waterproof and damp proof it, then blast cleaning is essential. For concrete floors, we can also remove potential safety hazards like slippery areas.

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Whatever your situation, Anglian Blasting is sure to find the Blasting method to your concrete needs. We take time to test the concrete, so you know that you are getting the most effective and efficient method while minimizing the risk of any damage or lingering marks. We are insured and registered, with an experienced, qualified and friendly team that makes the whole process as painless as possible. we endeavour to provide not just great results, but a professional level of customer service, too. We win most of our clients by referral, so we know it benefits both us and you to provide you with the best customer experience.

You can get a quick, free quote and start off with a sample by calling Anglian Blasting at 01621 257725. We offer prompt responses, competitive prices, and transparent quotes, so the steps to getting your concrete the clean it needs couldn’t be simpler.

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